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Rice Ranches - 2015 Production Sale

  • Nov 29, 2015 (Sun)
Rice Ranches - 2015 Production Sale

40th Annual Production Sale

Sunday • November 29, 2015

Sale at 1:00 PM • Lunch at 11:30 AM • At the Ranch

160 DNA Tested Coming Two-Year Old Bulls

200 AI Sexed Bred Heifers

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This year we are celebrating our 40th Annual Production Sale. We have had a great year here in southwest Montana! Lots of moisture equals lots of grass and our cattle are showing their ability to excel in fertility, soundness, longevity, and all-around do-ability year after year for forty years.

We are offering the best set of AI’d calf-sexed heifers we’ve had in years. They were AI bred to Vermilion Xtra X Z829, he was the high selling bull at the Vermilion 2013 Fall Sale. The heifers were once again AI’d by Ray and Sue Marxer with help from Boyd Taylor. They did a great job, despite lots of rain and mud! The heifers were cleaned up by Vermilion Xtra X Z829, Sitz Thunder 353A, Sitz Final Product 660B, Leachman Concensus 3563, Leachman Right Answer 3578, Leachman Right Answer 3586, and sons of Vermilion Madison Y810 and Vermilion Final Call Y718. These bred heifers were ultra sounded and calf-sexed on August 17, 2015 by Dr. Will Oliver, aided by Natalie Johnson and Heidi Zimmerman. They are due to calve:

  • Feb. 14 - Feb. 24, 2016
    approx. 30 AI heifers w/bull calves - white tags
  • Feb. 14 - Feb. 24, 2016
    approx. 25 AI heifers w/heifer calves - white tags
  • Feb. 25 - March 15, 2016
    approx. 50 head heifers w/bull calves - yellow tags
  • Feb. 25 - March 15, 2016
    approx. 25 head heifers w/heifer calves - yellow tags
  • March 16 - April 15, 2016
    approx. 20 head heifers w/bull calves - orange tags
  • March 16 - April 15, 2016
    approx. 12 head heifers w/heifer calves - orange tags

We are very proud of our bull offering this year. As you look over these approximately 147 head, you will see our version of what it takes to squeeze extra dollars out of our cattle industry. They are long, full of red meat, efficient gainers and they are sound and fertile.

They have had no creep or feet trimming. The bulls were weaned November 2, 2014 and fed a mix of ground hay, 2# oats, and 2# corn per day. They went on grass from May 15th to September 5th. They were then fed the ground mix again. They were fertility and soundness tested by Dr. Kelly Hall with help from Meagan Hottel on July 23-24, 2015. Also helping were Dan Rice, Sam Rice, and John and Cindy Pape. Diane and Meagan collected blood samples for bull sire DNA testing. The averages on all sale bulls were Birth Weight 79.59#, November 2, 2014 Weaning Weight 749.22#, October 5, 2015 Weight 1397.08#, and Scrotal 39.96 cm. We have also listed the EPD’s of our herd sires. The 62 steer mates weighed out at 1,050# after shrink on August 19, 2015 and sold for a record price.

For additional information please call 1-800-504-0003 or 406-685-3468. For those unable to attend, sale day phones are 406-685-3389 or 406-685-3468. Barry’s cell phone is 406-539-3147.

We have changed the date of our sale and look forward to seeing you on Sunday, November 29th for our 40th Annual Production Sale. See you at the steak lunch, 11:30 AM, November 29th!

Barry & Diane Rice & Family

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