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Rice Ranches was started by Bob and Bonnie Rice in 1948 when they bought the original Shaw Place, Shipley-Binz and the Smith Place from Bonnie’s father, Pete MacMillan. They had two sons, Greg (1949) and Barry (1953). Over the years other properties were added, Moger 1964, Les Martin 1966, Engleman 1968, Valley Garden 1969, Beulah Jackson 1972, Higgenbotham 1972, Anderson 1976, Gustin 1979, Lee Martin 1982, and Maichel 1990.

When the ranch split in 1999, it was over 32,000 deeded acres. Greg and Karen owned Maichel, Lee Martin, Gustin and Valley Garden. Barry and Diane owned the Moger, Higgenbotham, McDonald, Engleman, Shipley-Binz, Madisonian and Swynenberg, while also leasing Bob and Bonnie’s portion. Terrence Droge farms the farmland for us. The mainstay, Bob, passed away in 2005.

Barry and Diane purchased part of the Ferrell Place in 2002 and the Home Place half-section from Bonnie in 2008. Bonnie passed away in 2013 and Barry and Diane purchased his brother’s portion of Dry Hollow, Inc. Barry’s son Dan is still living and working on the ranch.

We raise grain, hay and Black Angus cattle. We started having an Annual Production Sale in 1976. This year will be our 41 st Sale. We sell coming 2 year- old bulls and bred females. We are now carrying forward the papers on our animals, and will have 15 eligible to register bulls in the sale. We were the first Champion Certified Angus Beef producers in the country.

Our next Production Sale will be November 27, 2016. We hope to see you there!

- Barry & Diane Rice


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